The Isometric drawing module allows you to automate the generation of pipeline isometric models from the TRICAD MS® Piping module. Simply transfer the designed pipe network with all associated parts to the P-ISOGEN tool and generate the finished isometric model in DGN format.

This produces a complete model including all relevant data such as position numbers, weld lists, weld points, pipe bends, fittings, gravity-flow, elbows, etc.

Isometric :: image 1 Isometric :: image 2 Isometric :: image 3

  • Generation of isometric models for all TRICAD MS® piping modules
  • Single-line isometric model
  • Bill of materials and weld list
  • Supports multiple sheets
  • Integrated design headers and legends
  • Beveled hatching
  • Very little work subsequently required on the generated isometric models

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