Laser scanning

For as-built, topographic, detail, and engineering surveys, high definition surveying systems are the way to go. Laser scanning solutions setting new standards for the way work is done.

A 3D laser scanner is a tool that scans the space vertically by measuring millions of points with a laser beam.

  • The scanner saves time on complex surveys: up to 500,000 points per second!
  • A single pass is enough: you get a scatter comprehensive and accurate environmental measured.
  • The security of your men, without interruption of construction by measuring non-contact laser ultrafast.

The point cloud is then treated with comprehensive CAD software, equipped with specific modules for specific techniques. For example, in the case of a laser scanning with ventilation ducts and pipes, we  should used  the specific applications such as TRICAD-MS Ventilation and TRICAD-MS Piping 3D to accelerate the 3D modeling.

You will find below a picture of an example of the different steps needed for a project in laser scanning, and a video of navigation in the 3D model.

Laser scanning  :: Picture of the laser Laser scanning :: Picture from the laser Laser scanning :: Points cloud Laser scanning :: 3D model Scanner :: video

Therefore we can provide various business applications you need to achieve a scanning laser and treat it :

  • Application to manage the cloud of points within your CAD software
  • Job application to accelerate the construction of the 3D model, whether in architecture, special building techniques or piping.


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