Bentley Descartes

Comprehensive Imaging Product for Visualization, Mapping, and Raster-to-Vector Conversion

Bentley Descartes is the only imaging offering that is truly integrated with MicroStation, adding high-performance raster operations. Quickly warp, reference, resample, mosaic, or reproject images or create image scenes for visualization and analysis with 3D terrain draping. Use integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Line Following for document conversion and take advantage of a robust toolset to repair and enhance legacy drawings.

Bentley Descartes was designed to serve the mapping and visualization needs of professionals in many industries.


It is used worldwide across disciplines, including mapping, land management, surveying, energy exploration, civil and environmental engineering, plant design, and architectural design. Because Bentley Descartes is tightly integrated with MicroStation, it can be customized to fit virtually any workflow where imaging automation is needed.

Bentley Descartes is a full 24-bit imaging application and handles all industry-standard file formats natively, including the most popular aerial and satellite file formats. Whether your need is high quality cartography, production mapping, image maps, or vivid 3D visualization, Bentley Descartes provides the answer.


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